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We have had numerous boats throughout the years and cruising Newport Harbor has always been an enjoyable time. While cruising the harbor, one thing we noticed was that thousands of people either rent or own a electric boat. We have rented these boats on numerous occasions with friends ourselves. The main downfall that we noticed was with a large group of people, you are locked into your seat from the moment you leave the dock. This makes it almost impossible to socialize with everyone on the boat during an outing.

We thought to ourselves there has to be a better way. After looking at numerous boat designs, we decided the best boat for touring the harbor was a pontoon boat. The new pontoon boats are not the pontoons of old. They are as nice and as luxurious as just about any other boat out there.

The manufacturers have really put the time and effort into upgrading the quality of these boats. As a result, pontoon boats are about 60-70% of all boats sold in the US. Simply, more boat for the money.

It was interesting that no one in Newport Harbor had taken advantage of these boats. They offer about 3 times the space as an Electric, yet are still as easy to drive and maneuver as any small boat. Hence, Newport Pontoons was born.

Due to the versatility of these boats there is more flexibilty while cruising the harbor. The options are endless, you can have us pull back the top so you can enjoy the sun or put the top up and enjoy evening on the water. There is the ability to dance while listening to your favorite music, eat and dine with friends, dock at the local restaurants or your favorite watering hole, fish, and even swim. There is even a place to change your clothes from day to evening. Do all this while experiencing everything the harbor has to offer.

After being in Newport Harbor our first summer it came apparent our thoughts were correct. People love cruising the harbor on a pontoon boat. Numerous people approached us about getting rid of their electric boats and getting a pontoon. They wanted to know where to go. Now you can come here. We are proud to announce our partnership with Avalon Pontoons. The #1 pontoon boat on the market. Newport Pontoons now is an authorized dealer for Avalon Pontoon Boats in Southern California.

If you are looking for a more versatile boat to have more fun cruising the harbor then consider an Avalon pontoon. When you are tired of cruising Newport Harbor pull it out of the bay and go to a lake or river. You can enjoy sunbathing, fishing, swimming, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, picnicking or just cruising around, Avalon Pontoon Boats can take you there in comfort and style.

If your interested in a boat that is more versatile, safer, more stable, has more space and luxury then come to our lot and see numerous Avalon boats we have to offer. If we don't have exactly what you need on site our sales specialist can assist in ordering the Avalon boat that best fits your needs. With over 70 models to choose from we know we will have something for you.

Newport Pontoons
Authorized Avalon Dealer.

Newport Pontoons is the only way to enjoy a harbor cruise!

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